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Good enough for government? Say it ain’t so.

23 August, 2011

I’m not going to say much here, other than to put out into the webosphere a request for some advice.

Yeah, we did an FHA loan. Why?  Because J doesn’t use his credit cards (thus having zero credit debt), and that means his credit score is poorer for it.  I know, I know.   But the bright side- or so we thought -was that we’d get some much-needed repairs taken care of because of the mandatory FHA inspection process.

We didn’t anticipate the curve ball the seller threw at us.  She insisted – contractually, as a requirement of sale – that HER handyman perform the work.  We met him and felt okay with him.   Well, he ended up contracting out the work and about four people got involved. Not once did he perform a lick of work.

Nearly five months later, and hours of stories’ worth of agita, sturm und drang, and just outright headache that I’m leaving out for the sake of brevity, here are the repairs. Read more…

Water, water, everywhere.

19 July, 2011
This one concerns me.  A lot.  This is after 1/2 hour of rain.  It's doubled since I took the photo.  As you can see, this is very near the concrete slab, so this is deeeeeep underground.

Disclaimer: Those of you who have endured flooded basements will have NO PITY on me.   The rest of you who rejoice in rainstorms and the comforting sounds they provide, without worry of what will happen to your possessions and your house and garage, read on. Read more…

Ivy is the devil. (Or, how we came to start the landscaping.)

3 July, 2011
big, scary ivy runner

Kanye and Josh didn’t quite have it right.

Ah, English ivy. Charming, quaint… lush and green. Requires little maintenance. Great grass substitute. Grows all year long. Beautiful and nostalgic.  Easy care.  Right?


On first glance, we loved the ivy in the front yard.  We were even charmed by the ivy-covered tree in the backyard.

Soon, we came to know its true evil ways. Read more…

On sabbaticals and major life changes.

2 July, 2011

If  you’re going to stir the pot, you have to be willing to accept and handle what floats to the top.   – Me

Read more…

Porch, phase 1: make it pretty.

30 June, 2011
screened in porch

I’ve been debating how to organize this blog.  Many projects are easy and completed in an afternoon.  Others, as you know (!), take days, weeks, or even months.   An extended project as one blog post would be suuuuper long.  So, I’m going to write in journal format, showing you what the highlights of what I’ve accomplished on any given day, and then it will be fun for J and me to look back on every day’s progress!   I’ll tag by room or type of project so things are easier to locate down the road.

Today, I have a couple things going:

  1. I’m working on skimcoating some plaster walls (to the uninitiated, that means I’m applying joint compound to the low points in a wall in efforts to make them appear smoother) in what will be a meditation room.
  2. I’m putting some “semi-finishing” touches on our screened-in porch.

So I’d like to start off with something pretty (and pretty simple) on the blog, and share with you our progress on the porch. Read more…

Dearest House,

16 June, 2011

I am sorry you were neglected and treated badly.

We know you’ve had problems,  lots of them caused by the neglectful actions of others.  I’m angry at the people who did this to you and then left it for someone else to clean up.  Or lied about what they did… or didn’t do.

That’s all over now.

Please know that you are in the hands of two people who care very much, and we’re going to do whatever we can to make you beautiful again, and we will fill you with laughter and friends and joy.

You don’t need to cry anymore.  Please be patient with us as we love you back to life again.


Your New Owners


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